Patient Benefits

<prTag> can eliminate the clipboard!

"Patient empowerment" is important to us all.  At GPII, we take this to mean putting patients in control and giving them the tools to manage their healthcare information as they wish.  Patient care is also optimized because care providers are now able to create and access a comprehensive and accurate patient record at each encounter.

GPII offers services that benefit patients by improving operations for all care providers.

  • Registration for an encounter can be made as simple and as rapid as an ATM transaction - no more clipboard
  • The need to repeat tests because of lost information can be dramatically reduced
  • The incidence of problems such as identity theft is reduced
  • When it does occur, medical identity theft can be quickly and effectively remediated 
  • The patient plays a key role in creating and maintaining a comprehensive and accurate patient record

GPII also enables the privacy of healthcare data.

  • Patients can make their own decisions about what information should be available to each of their care providers and what should be restricted
  • Each patient can make their own privacy decisions independent of other patients
  • Patients can change their privacy wishes over time to meet new medical and social requirements
  • If privacy errors occur they can be easily and rapidly corrected

GPII identification is valid for the lifetime of the patient.  Whether he or she changes location, changes their insurance status, changes care providers, gets married, or whatever, a patient's identifiers remain valid.